The Big House 3
A National Melee and Project M Tournament
October 12-13, 2013
Ann Arbor, MI

The Big House is back. Last year’s installment featured two full days of Melee and Project M with over 130 players in attendance, including Mango and Hungrybox. I’m excited to announce that the Michigan community has even bigger plans in store this time!

Why should you attend?
* Huge Melee attendance – the largest active Midwest Melee tournament series
* Full Project M tourney – featuring both singles pools and a doubles event
* Great TO staff – reputation for being extremely well-organized and well-executed
* Competitive experience – high number of guaranteed tournament sets, FC-style
* Casual experience – 2.5 days to play tons of friendlies, including Friday evening
* Big spotlight – two concurrent livestreams by VGBootCamp and UMSmash
* Travel convenience – great hotel venue with a bus to and from the DTW airport
* Michigan community – one of the biggest and most active Smash scenes anywhere
* Plenty to do in Ann Arbor – ranked as one of the top ten college towns in America

Past Results:

The Big House (115 entrants)
1: Lovage
2: S2J
3: VaNz
4: KirbyKaze
5: Unknown522
5: Duck
7: RaynEX
7: Weon-X

The Big House 2 (128 entrants)
1: Mango
2: Hungrybox
3: Fly Amanita
5: KirbyKaze
5: Unknown522
7: Frootloop
7: Chillindude829
1: metroid1117
2: Mango
3: Hungrybox
4: Nintendude
5: Fly Amanita
5: Kels
7: MattDotZeb
7: Strong Bad