Check-in Schedule

Check-in (also known as badge pickup, or will call) is open at the following times:

  • Thursday October 19: 8pm-11pm ET
  • Friday October 20: 11am-8pm ET
  • Saturday October 21: 10am-8pm ET
  • Sunday October 22: 10am-8pm ET

If you’re competing in events as early as Friday afternoon, please allow yourself plenty of time to check-in before your first pool assignment! We recommend arriving at least two hours early.

Tournament Schedule

Please plan for the following:

  • Friday October 20: First and second phase competitor pools and side events
  • Saturday October 21: First and second phase competitor pools and side events
  • Sunday October 22: Final brackets, Melee finals, Ultimate finals

All competitors in Melee and Ultimate must be ready to play their first pools matches as early as 12pm ET on Friday October 20.

Stream Schedule

Catch the action all weekend on our BTSSmash Twitch broadcasts:




We also have a recording setup on Saturday+Sunday to capture high-profile non-stream matches! VODs will be at: BTSSmash youtube

Commentary Schedule

Side Event Schedule

All side event starting times are still subject to change! Please check back the week of the event to confirm.