Check-in Schedule

Thursday October 6th: check-in available from 8pm-11pm
Friday October 7th: check-in available from 11am-8pm
Saturday October 8th: check-in available from 10am-8pm
Sunday October 9th: check-in available from 10am-8pm

1. Before attending the event, make sure you bring:

  • your own controller (only if competing in an event; see Rules for types of legal controllers)
  • your vaccination card (physical paper or digital proof)
  • your photo ID (anything government-issued)

2. Check-in at the lobby of Hall B. Arrive early to ensure you have time to pick up your badge before your first pool assignment!

3. If you’re competing, find your pool assignment by checking your event dashboard on startgg. Pools are labeled as a letter and a number, which tells you time and location. For example, Pool B110 means you’re playing in Wave B on the schedule at Station 110 in the venue.

4. Go to your pool assignment and play your matches!

5. When you get knocked out of the tournament, enjoy all our other activities we offer at the venue!

Tournament Schedule

Tournament schedule below. All times are subject to change, so please check back the week of!

Please plan for the following:

  • First and second phase competitor pools and live content on Friday
  • First and second phase competitor pools and side events on Saturday
  • Final brackets, Melee Top 8 finals, Ultimate Top 8 finals on Sunday

All competitors must be ready to play their first pools matches as early as 12pm ET Friday.

Stream Schedule

Tune into any or all of our four streams this weekend!

If you are a streamer and you’d like to restream or co-stream our event, please read instructions here.

Commentary Schedule

Side Event Schedule