Our venue is open 24/7 from Friday morning through Sunday night, so you can hang out with fellow attendees overnight! Here’s a list of activities you can participate in throughout the weekend outside of the main tournament competition. Open to all attendees.


We are excited to welcome arcade game vendors Kdogs Arcade and Psychic Drive into the venue!

Arcade games are available to play 24/7 for all attendees, starting Friday morning and through Sunday evening.

Kdogs Arcade lineup:

Initial D V7
Initial D V7
Flash Beats
In the Groove
Sound Voltex Booth
Future TomTom
Pop’N Music
Reflec Beat

Psychic Drive lineup:

Killer Instinct
Monkey Ball
Virtual On
Virtual On
DDR Extreme
Flash Beats
Blast City – Marvel Vs Capcom 2
Blast City – Windjammers
Blast City – Tetris Grandmaster 3
Blast City – Fighting Vipers
New Astro City – Street Fighter 3rd Strike
Astro City – Bishi Bashi Champ
Astro City – Magical Drop III
Net City – Ikaruga


Last year we had Nintendo of America join us at the venue to preview a demo of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate a couple months before the game was released, and Screenwave Media come through with a players lounge and demos of Eagle Island and Meme Machine!

More information TBA about similar activities this year.

Side Events

We’re going big on side events to provide more opportunities for attendees to participate.

Side events are open to all attendees, both competitors and spectators, and will be done through on-site registration. Make sure to check-in at the TO desk a few minutes early to register. Any questions, please contact the respective organizer.

Side Event Schedule (most of this is from last year! more info TBA on 2019)

Saturday all day:
GP Big House: Grand Prix style swiss brackets for Ultimate ($5) and Melee ($5)

Saturday 2pm:
Super Smash Bros. Brawl ($5) organized by @iamrickles

Saturday 3pm:
Super Smash Bros. Melee under-16 (free) organized by @VroZone

Saturday 4pm:
Dragon Ball FighterZ ($5) organized by @MruSuk & @Superbloo

Saturday 5pm:
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate under-16 (free) organized by @ShowdownDre

Saturday 6pm:
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme ($5) organized by @zm8land

Saturday 7pm:
Magical Drop III ($5) organized by @sheridactyls

Saturday 8pm:
Magic the Gathering booster draft ($20, Throne of Eldraine) organized by @GamersGauntlet

Smash Sisters Schedule

Saturday 1pm:
Casual Melee (free) organized by @Smash_Sisters

Saturday 3pm:
Competitive Melee (free) organized by @Smash_Sisters


Make sure to stop by and check out our vendors throughout the venue! Last year we had an awesome lineup of vendors (photos above) come through. More information TBA about this year’s lineup.