Our venue is open 24/7 from Friday morning through Sunday night, so you can hang out with fellow attendees overnight! We offer a bunch of activities you can participate in throughout the weekend outside of the main tournament competition. Open to all attendees, both competitor and spectator.

For your reference, this is our floor plan.


We are excited to welcome arcade game vendors Kdogs Arcade and Psychic Drive into the venue!

Arcade games are available to play 24/7 for all attendees, starting Friday morning and through Sunday evening.

Tabletop Gaming

New this year is Tabletop Gaming, available all weekend! We’ll have a full board game library free for attendees to rent and play.

With over 500+ games to choose from, you’ll always be able to find something new to play with friends at the venue.

Full detailed game list:


Therapy Dogs

Thanks to Go Team Therapy Dogs Detroit, we’ll have therapy dogs at the venue 1:00pm-2:30pm Friday and 2:00pm-3:30pm Saturday to help you relax and de-stress! They can’t wait to see you!

The dogs will be gathered out in the venue lobby, near the check-in desk area.

Side Events

We’re going big on side events to provide more opportunities for attendees to participate!

Side events are open to all attendees, both competitors and spectators, and will be done through on-site registration. Make sure to bring some $ cash and register at the check-in desk at least ten minutes before the starting time. Any questions, please contact the respective organizer.

Side Event Schedule

Saturday from 2pm-10pm:
GP Big House: Grand Prix style swiss brackets for Ultimate ($5) and Melee ($5)

Saturday 12pm:
Super Smash Bros. Wii U ($5) organized by @KaizanSSB

Saturday 1pm:
Super Smash Bros. Melee under-16 (free) organized by @VroZone

Saturday 2pm:
Dragon Ball FighterZ ($5) organized by @iamrickles

Saturday 3pm:
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate under-16 (free) organized by @AmiiboKing313

Saturday 4pm:
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme ($5) organized by @backdatbairup

Saturday 5pm:
Magical Drop III ($5) organized by @sheridactyls

Saturday 6pm:
Super Smash Bros. Brawl ($5) organized by @KaizanSSB

Saturday 7pm:
Magic the Gathering booster draft ($20, Throne of Eldraine) organized by @GamersGauntlet

Saturday 8pm:
Pokemon Go PVP (free) organized by @GamersGauntlet
Register for this one at

Smash Sisters Schedule

Saturday 1pm:
Ultimate (free) organized by @Smash_Sisters

Saturday 3pm:
Melee (free) organized by @Smash_Sisters


Make sure to stop by and check out our vendors throughout the venue!

Panda Global

Battle Beaver Customs

Controller Chaos

EON Gaming


Ukemi Co.

Cross Slash Studios

Clover Path Studio


PandaGyoza Studios

Nem Graphics


Okami Ink


Baron Championship Rings


& more TBA!