Hilton Garden Inn
1401 Briarwood Cir
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Third Big House, third new venue! We’ve expanded with each installment and this year is no exception. The Hilton Garden Inn was recently ranked #1 hotel in Ann Arbor and will be providing a great venue for us. We’ll be playing in the Great Lakes Ballroom, which is almost twice as big as the Big House 2 venue.

This is just half of the ballroom!





By far the best airport to fly into is Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) which is about 20 miles away from the venue. You are responsible for arranging your own transportation from DTW to Ann Arbor. Please do not bug the TOs for help with transportation without exhausting all of the following options:

1. The Michigan Flyer bus offers round-trip tickets between DTW and Ann Arbor for about $25. The catch is it stops running at 9:00pm each day, so this option is only good if your flight arrives early enough. On their website, set your starting location to Detroit Metro Airport, MI and your destination to Ann Arbor (Kensington Court). From Kensington Court, you’re within a 5-minute walk to the venue!

2. Bill’s Van Service offers a $49 flat cab fare from DTW to Ann Arbor and can accommodate up to 6 passengers at once. The price stays at $49 no matter how many passengers are on board, so try to split that cost with others who are flying in at around the same time. The tournament Facebook event is a useful resource for finding others to split with.

3. The Custom Transit Ann Arbor Airport Shuttle offers a $40 dynamic cab fare from DTW to Ann Arbor starting at one passenger. The price increases with each additional passenger with this service, so this option is only good if you’re flying in at a really weird time and can’t find anyone else to split with.


Parking is free right in front of the hotel. 10-second walk into the venue!




The Hilton Garden Inn is your best housing option in order to stay inside the venue and connect with other Smashers at the Big House 3 room rate of $129/night. I understand this is probably more expensive than some other hotel options in town, but I promise you that in comparison, the Hilton Garden Inn provides a much bigger and better room whose cost you can split with several more people. As an extra incentive, we’ll give away a free Big House 3 t-shirt to anyone who books a room at the Hilton Garden Inn for the Friday and Saturday nights of the tournament. Just show us your room reservation during check-in.

Here’s how to book a room:
• Go to www.annarbor.hgi.com and click More options at the top right
• Click Add special rate codes and type Group code UMSMSH for the Big House 3 room rate
• Make sure your arrival, departure, and adults are set appropriately, then click Check Availability

UPDATE 9/26/13: All rooms are sold out! See you at the hotel.

The Hilton Garden Inn website.

The super spacious King Suite! You can probably cram 5-6 people in one if necessary.

If you absolutely cannot afford to pay for traditional housing, try CouchSurfing to stay with an Ann Arbor local for the weekend. The idea might sound creepy, but I personally know people who have used CouchSurfing before and they’ve had a good experience with it. Keep an open mind, as there will be very limited free housing available from Smashers in Ann Arbor — most of us live in tiny campus apartments here with no parking spots on-site.




Inside the hotel (1-minute walk outside the ballroom):
Food Bar
Snack Pantry

Inside Briarwood Mall (5-minute walk east of the venue):
Panda Express
California Pizza Kitchen

Inside Briarwood Circle (1-minute drive within a half-mile radius of the venue):
Red Robin
Olive Garden
Romano’s Macaroni Grill

Around the area (5-minute drive within a one-mile radius of the venue):
Burger King